Diving back in

Diving back in

The sun is shining, vaccines are rolling out, and we are feeling incredibly fortunate to have weathered the pandemic and come out stronger on the other side. In many ways, now is the first opportunity we’ve had to really do what we intended with Soho Waterworks: promote Clean Water For All™. Here's what we've been up to lately.

Traveling to our sources, and beyond

With COVID travel restrictions relaxed this spring, we had the pleasure of flying to Alaska to visit the source of Clear Alaskan Glacial — a trip we’d postponed for more than a year. It was so worth the wait, and was a wonderful reminder of how important and inspiring it is to visit our water sources in person. Beyond our water sources, we’ve been making plans to connect with like-minded individuals in real life. We recently had the pleasure of appearing on the Small Bites Radio show, and we're starting to research convention and festival appearances for the remainder of the year.

Growing our distribution

One of the most important elements of our business is getting pure, natural water from around the world onto local market shelves where everyone can have access. To do this, we partner with like-minded retail outlets that support our mission. We are excited to announce our first New York–area distribution partnership, which will ensure that our brands will be available in the greater New York area.

Growing our roster

Along with our trio of pure, natural water sources in Alaska, Canada, and Germany, we have been busy talking with a handful of partner sources in other parts of the world. While we can’t name names just yet, we look forward to sharing news of new partnerships later this year.

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