Our Partners

Soho Waterworks is actively exploring distribution partnerships worldwide. If you share our passion for Clean Water For All™, we would love to hear from you.

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Our Partners

Our ideal retail and distribution partners are rooted in sustainability, motivated by the idea of bringing to market 100% pure, natural water. We seek to align ourselves with partners that are customer-centric, responding to consumer needs with our shared belief that pure water should be accessible to all.

Our Pricing

Soho Waterworks manages sales with our True Cost Pricing™ method as a liaison between our source and distribution partners. Our business model is market-driven with an emphasis on transparency in all phases of the process.

Our Promise

Soho Waterworks will have a positive ripple effect on the consumer, the water industry, and ultimately the Earth. We promise to develop innovative strategies with our family of partners to continue educating the consumer on the health benefits of the world's purest naturally sourced water. We will be unwavering in our mission of establishing a sustainable process for providing Clean Water For All™.


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We are thrilled to be on this journey with the support of people like you.

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